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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Eating Crow

When I got to the place in the quilt that I'm working on that I was ready to add another border, I knew that I wanted it to have pieced blocks.  And I also wanted the blocks to reflect the motion that was in the central part of the quilt. So . . . I looked through my electric quilt software and came up with a block that had curved seams and sort of reflected the motion that I was after.  Well, I who thought I would have absolutely no trouble piecing curved seams, hit a wall.  I struggled and struggled with this block and finally gave up.  I just could not make the two pieces of fabric end at the same place at the end of seams.  I went back to the computer drawing board and, finally, had to accept the fact that foundation piecing was the way to go to achieve what I wanted.  Have I ever mentioned that foundation piecing is NOT
 my favorite thing?  Well, it's not.  And I needed 20 blocks!
The problem for me is that I have an issue with working backwards (and that's why I don't join my husband in his activity of rowing a shell in the lake).  The solution for me is to just use a LOT of fabric so I don't end up with blank spaces that require repair.  And you can see the result on the floor of my studio.  I'm sure I must use about twice the amount of fabric that is required.
I mentioned my aversion to one of the queens of foundation piecing, Jane Hall.  She's written the book on foundation piecing--many times over.  And she's a dear, lovely person.  Her answer to me?  "If you'd ever just take one of my classes, you'd learn to love it."  O.K., Jane, I'm ready.

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Corky said...

Looking forward to seeing the entire quilt. Your foundation blocks are right down my alley!